Roots in the Responder Community


From the day we first opened our doors to help WTC responders, our clinicians and administrators understood that this work would be different from any they had done in their careers thus far. For many of the staff, the phrase “comprehensive care” has taken on a deepened and more meaningful definition, as they not only help program members navigate their care, but work to foster feelings of trust and togetherness. Going out into the community at large is an equally important piece of our work—we continually strive to educate the general public about our program and the effects of 9/11, as well as ensuring that potentially eligible individuals know about the range of services available to them. Endeavors like the
Remembering 9/11 Oral History Project and our library and school initiatives are important components of this work.

Helping develop a supportive and empowering community that extends beyond our clinic doors is at the heart of our mission.

Giving our responders a voice is a responsibility we take seriously. Working with organizations like the Fealgood Foundation, the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH), LI Federation of Labor, WTC Health Registry, the Johnny Mac Foundation, Laughter Saves Lives, and others, we are dedicated to sustaining and improving grassroots education, advocacy, and support about 9/11 and the ongoing needs of responders. This is in addition to the community events we are proud to offer our members and their families.