Outreach and Education

We put a premium of fostering and sustaining the legacy of 9/11 responders. Beyond nurturing a sense of community among our team and program members, we believe in our responsibility to ensure that WTC responders are empowered with awareness and accessibility to their healthcare. We reach out to and educate people who were directly, or indirectly, impacted by 9/11 and its consequences to encourage their participation in our endeavors. This works has been manifested in high school, library, advocacy group programs, and by our close work with 9/11 advocacy groups. We are passionate about engaging the responders we support in our activities. We are grateful for their ongoing participation in our Oral History project, public events, and other arenas. Personal empowerment and ownership of one’s story are valuable tools in the healing process. We strive to create, support, and perpetuate such opportunities at every turn.

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