Our Health Community and Center of Excellence

The community care model informs the work of every staff member at our Center. While our program members interact with our doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners, social workers, care coordinators and their dedicated member services specialists, our clinical location thrums with activity. A multitude of staff ensure ensuring efficiency and quality as they schedule appointments; facilitate pharmacy orders and authorizations for procedures; approve and process claims; manage clinical research data; coordinate and expand our provider network; and more. This is just the tip of our program

Members of our Center not only return for medical monitoring year after year, but also attend our events, recommend our services, participate in our studies, and join in our preservation efforts. With each passing year, the evidence of our success is found in the thousands of 9/11 responders who consider us an extension of their family. It is incredibly meaningful to know that despite the tragic legacy of 9/11, we can provide a place of health and healing.