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Redefining Reflux: New Solutions 

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, hurts. Not only does it cause pain and other unpleasant symptoms, but it also can damage the esophagus and raise the risk of cancer. Breathing problems, swallowing disorders and hoarseness may also occur. For some patients, medications and simple lifestyle changes provide relief. But for those whose symptoms continue long term, a more comprehensive approach, including surgical options, should be considered.

That’s what the Heartburn and Esophageal Center specializes in. Our multidisciplinary approach to reflux and its complications as well as other esophageal problems involves the best ideas in medicine – including today’s most advanced, minimally invasive surgical options.

Learn more about surgical options and our expert team of national leaders in new technologies for reflux surgery. Learn more about GERD here.

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