Inpatient Child Psychiatry Program

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Our Unit is part of Stony Brook University Hospital, and benefits from its medical expertise. We provide an evaluation of medical factors which might be influential in the development and treatment of the child's problems. psychiatric

Each child receives a comprehensive psychiatric diagnostic assessment, which is crucial for effective treatment. After our evaluation, and where appropriate, medications are prescribed. It should be noted that any and all treatments are provided in consultation with the child's caregivers.


An emphasis in our Program is helping children with frustration tolerance and self control. We teach children how to cope more successfully with their anger, frustrations, and anxiety. In addition children participate in therapy groups such as social skills and music and art therapy.


Children spend almost 1/3 of their day in school, and our special education classrooms are an essential component of our assessment and monitoring of treatment success. Our school psychologist and special education teachers provide a comprehensive psycho-educational assessment of learning skills and deficits, and contribute to the psycho-educational recommendations that we provide. We consult with the home school professionals so they have a better understanding of the child's diagnosis, and educational needs.


We cannot treat a child effectively without the involvement of the family. We involve the family in all aspects of the child's diagnosis and treatment. Family visits with the child are encouraged, and our Parent Educator works closely with the family to improve parent-child interactions.


Our social worker helps coordinate discharge and continuing care services, and assists with transition to a less intensive level of care.

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