Child and Adolescent Outpatient Services


Our mission is to provide the most up-to-date, evidence-based clinical care to children and adolescents who are suffering from psychiatric illness. Through an understanding of the multiple biological, psychological, and social factors related to a child's problems, we deliver comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and innovative treatment plans to help alleviate their symptoms. We offer pharmacologic evaluation and ongoing medication management, as well as individual therapy, based on the needs of our patients. We are also dedicated to developing additional therapeutic services for patients and families, including group therapy and parent management training. We strive to work in collaboration with families to best understand the problems they face and to utilize their inherent strengths to improve their lives.

Our experienced child and adolescent psychiatry faculty are nationally renowned and have expertise in a wide range of disorders, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, learning disorders, autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, and behavioral problems. We are also devoted to the education and training of future child and adolescent mental health providers and the advancement of research in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry.


  • Comprehensive evaluation
  • Medication management
  • Individual therapy
  • Parent training and support

Autism Spectrum Disorders

For a link to resources for Autism Spectrum Disorders, please click here.


  • Wilfred Farquharson IV, PhD, Director
  • Anthony Anzalone, PhD
  • Gabrielle Carlson, MD
  • Judith Crowell, MD
  • Deborah Gerard, MS/BCBA
  • Amanda Gorecki, DO
  • Michael Greenberg, LCSW-R, ACSW
  • Saurabh Gupta, MD
  • Maria Hensley-Spera, LCSW-R
  • Jennifer Keluskar, PhD
  • Jessica McCurdy, PhD
  • Veronica Murphy, MD
  • Melissa Palatucci, PsyD
  • Krishen Persaud, DO
  • Debra Reicher, PhD
  • Maged Soliman, MD
  • Lisa Steinberg, NP
  • James Swain, MD, PhD
  • Angela Turner-Dougherty, PhD
  • Deborah Weisbrot, MD
  • Ilana Yel, DO

Contact us

For an appointment call (631) 632-8850.

If there is a psychiatric emergency, please call 911 or our 24-hour Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) at (631) 444-6050.

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Research Opportunities

The Department of Psychiatry offers expert clinical services for children and adults. In addition, there are multiple research trials that patients can be evaluated for eligibility.

Patient Forms

Parents are encouraged to print out and review the forms below and bring the completed forms to their child's intake appointment.

1) Patient Care Policy

2) Ambulatory Care Consent

3) Clinical Practice Management Plan Release Form

4) Guarantee of Payment Form

5) Primary Care Provider Release Form

6) Form Completion Policy