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Regenerative medicine for treatment of hair loss – Exosome Therapy

Why are growth factors the new frontier in hair restoration and skin transformation?

A growth factor is a naturally occurring protein-substance that may be capable of stimulating cell proliferation (growth), healing, and occasionally cellular differentiation. Aesthetically, growth factors play an important role in maintaining skin firmness, tone, and elasticity and for local hair treatment, the vitality and hair revitalization that can only be achieved with the regenerative process propelled by high concentrations of exosomes.

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What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are nanoparticles that are released and received by nearly all cells in the body. They are typically 30-100 nm in size. These extracellular vesicles act as one of our body’s communication systems, delivering important molecular payloads from cell to cell. Each extracellular vesicle’s particular biological function is determined by molecules that reside either on its surface or in its interior and their known for their cell-cell information or intracellular communication; they are “messenger molecules”. The growth factors and mRNA contained in these vesicles communicate to other cells to change their behavior.

The Exosome Difference:

Natural active nanoparticles (Exosomes) used in our therapeutic treatments are a pure and rich mixture of precision growth factors, peptides, cytokines, and mRNA that target hair cellular structures by providing the nutrients and resources necessary to facilitate the repair of cells. The exosomes we use contain a broad spectrum of functional proteins including collagens, extracellular matrix proteins, cytokines, growth factors and enzymes differentiated in the market space through proprietary packaging:


  • Proprietary Medium
  • Potent and Precision Growth Factors
  • Free of DNA
  • All Natural, No Chemicals, No Additives
  • Thorough Screening
  • Comprehensive Characterization
  • High Potency

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Did You Know?

Hair follicles age along with every other part of the human body though follicular cells are different than most other cells as they age with each growth cycle. Throughout each phase of the hair growth cycle (there are four distinct phases) the follicular cells miniaturize and the progressive brittleness of hair strands begins. This continues through each phase until growth desists.

Hair Growth Cycle

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections for hair loss:

Hair LossFor many men and women, hair is an important linking factor of identity because it’s tied to one’s appearance. Loss of hair is often unexpected and can be traumatizing. Hair loss can be a function of various types of dermatologic hair disorders, autoimmune disorders or hair styling. Whether one’s hair is affected by changes in medications, health issues or decisions on how to wear one’s hair (options that create tension on hair follicles, excessively drying hair out etc.), the first step to address it is to seek an evaluation from a dermatologist. Some dermatologists specifically specialize in hair loss as their primary area of clinical interest and one can expect to have a biopsy and lab work-up to appropriately identify the specific type of hair disorder since many tend to mimic each other and can only be definitively diagnosed with testing.

Platelet Rich PlasmaThe inherent benefits in using your own blood (Platelet Rich Plasma) is that it contains fundamental proteins containing growth factor. PRP treatment uses patented technology to spin down your blood isolating the growth factors in high concentration to inject into the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. The epidermal growth factor in the plasma is essential to cell growth, reproduction, and differentiation during the hair follicle remodeling phase.

Treatments are short and have the greatest impact when repeated every four to six weeks over the course of three to four months.


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Dr. Adrienne Haughton discusses Alopecia and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections for hair loss:

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections
A Proven New Technology for Restoring Hair

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