What is TriNetX?

Real World Data for Clinical Research

TriNetX (TNX) is a research network combining Stony Brook’s Electronic Medical Record data with the data of up to 41 other Health Provider Networks. Researchers can use TNX to query either Stony Brook’s data alone, or in combination with other provider data via the Health Research or COVID-19 Research Networks.

To learn more about TNX, visit What is TriNetX?

How do I access TriNetX?

Go to live.trinetx.com, and you will be directed to sign in with your UHMC account. If you still cannot access TNX, please email TriNetXHelp@stonybrookmedicine.edu for assistance.

How do I use TriNetX?

To begin your TNX training, please view the online webinars. Log in to TNX and you may access them. These videos and more are available by clicking “Help” in the upper right of your TNX screen, and choosing “Training Center”. You may also check for upcoming live and recorded trainings at https://stonybrookmedicine.edu/TriNetX/training

How far back does the data go?

Stony Brook’s TriNetX data goes back to 01 January 2014.

Can data be exported out of TriNetX?

Data can be exported out of the TriNetX tool by Stony Brook TriNetX support. If you are interested in getting data from a cohort in TriNetX, please click “Request Dataset” within your study, and complete this Request Form selecting that you wish to have a dataset. Your data request will be submitted through the system.

What data is searchable?

Our overview page on TriNetX includes a list of data available through the TriNetX platform, as well a list of data that is not available.

How does TriNetX determine age within the tool?

Age is determined by the patient’s date of birth. It is not related to the diagnosis, procedures, etc., that are selected within the query.

How often is data refreshed in TriNetX?

Our Stony Brook data is refreshed twice a week. Keep that in mind when creating your queries. Your data may be as fresh as one day, or up to 4 days old.

Am I able to use the data and/or screenshots in grant proposals?

Yes, you are allowed to use any of the information you find in this tool.

What are the list of current institutions that are in the whole TriNetX network?

TriNetX is not currently providing a full list of institutions that are in their network for privacy reasons.

I want to do COVID-19 research. Any tips?

To see tips about querying the new COVID-19 Research Network launched in April 2020, visit COVID-19 Query Guidelines.

I want to have a dataset for my query.

Please select your query, and click on “Request dataset” within TNX. Then, complete this online form: https://redcap.link/TriNetX