What is TriNetX?

Real World Data for Clinical Research

TriNetX (TNX) is a research network combining Stony Brook’s Electronic Medical Record data with the data of the data of over 110 other Health Institutions. Researchers can use TNX to query either Stony Brook’s data alone, or in combination with other provider data via the other Research Networks.

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TriNetX Features:

Easy to use

Intuitive Design

Advanced Analytics

Compare Cohorts, Outcomes, Treatment Pathways, and Incidence and Prevalence


Scenario modeling for protocol feasibility

Personal health

All PHI remains local

Subject Recruitment

Pre-qualified patient lists

Predictive analytics

Projects rates at which new patients match eligibility criteria

Researcher Self-Service

PIs can research their own patient populations with fresh data


Compliant with international privacy regulations


Research national patient population cohorts, and compare to our own

Industrial Sponsor

Attract more industry-sponsored trials

Data available

  • Demographics
  • Diagnosis
  • Medications
  • Procedures
  • Labs
  • Vitals
  • Visit Types
  • Mortality
  • Progress notes (NLP)
  • Genomics
  • Allergies

Data unavailable

  • Diagnostic reports
  • DICOM image objects
  • Provider names
  • Departments/clinics
  • Patient level data
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