Welcome to the Stony Brook Vascular Center

This spacious facility is the home to our clinical practice, where we perform clinical evaluations for our patients using the most advanced diagnostic testing available, in our state of the art procedure rooms.  At our clinic we also perform minimally invasive office-based procedures, and provide free Vascular and Vein Screenings regularly.  Our Non-Invasive Vascular Laboratory is fully equipped with state of the art technology for patient care including Duplex scanners, and transcranial Doppler units.  Our lab is accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC).  


VC Exterior

This outpatient facility, located in Centereach, offers our patients convenience, with Satellite locations available in Center Moriches, Commack, Holbrook (Now Open), Hampton Bays, and Southampton.  Equipped with onsite procedure rooms, and an outpatient angiography suite for diagnostic and therapeutic endovascular interventions.  


Expert, Specialized Care

The Stony Brook Vascular Center specialized areas include the Center for Vein Care, The Aortic Center, the Limb Salvage and the Hemodialysis Access Center.  Each area focuses on bringing the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures while adhering to the highest quality standards-all to ensure optimal patient outcomes and satisfaction.