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Click here to learn about our vascular screening program. Watch these videos (about the program and two of our grateful patients) and read about our patient success stories in their testimonials:

Why Our Vascular Screening Program (0:30 min)
Testimonials of Two Grateful Patients (5:20 min)

Life After Aortic Tear (0:30 min)


More Grateful Patient Testimonials

[My son] Justin and I are here today because you [Dr. Virvilis] and many others saved his life on August 14, 2022. There really aren’t any words as his mother that I can write to express how many lives were affected that day. Thank you seems like too small of a gesture in words, so what I will tell you is that you saved a remarkable young man, someone that works with autistic children, the best big brother to his 16-year-old sister, an amazing grandson, cousin, nephew, friend to many and my first born. My special one of a kind son that a mother could ever ask for. Justin has a huge heart, one that is beating because of you. Thank you for what you do every day and we will be forever grateful to you! - Sarah W.

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