Patient Experience - General Diagnostic Radiology

X-rays or radiographs are images created with X-rays, and used for the evaluation of both bone and soft tissues witin the body. These imags are displayed electronically and can been seen on a computer screen. Some common exams done include digital X-rays of the chest, abdomen and extremities.

Fluoroscopy is a special application of X-ray imaging where a screen is connected to a closed-circuit televsion system to image internal structures of the body. Contrast media, which strongly absorb X-ray radiation, in conjunction with real-time imaging ability of fluroscopy, help to demonstrate the body at work, allowing us to evaluate such things as the time it takes for material to leave the stomach. Common fluoroscopy exams include barium enema, esophogram (X-ray) of your esophagus), small bowel series, upper gastrointestinal series and volding cystourethrogram.

We preform general diagnostic radiology services at more than one location.

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