Dalio Center for Cardiovascular Wellness and Preventive Research

The Division of Advanced Cardiac Imaging performs over 2,500 cardiac CT exams and 400 cardiac MRI exams per year. We are committed ur four full-time faculty provide real-time coverage for the Emergency Department for coronary CT angiograms  365 days per year from 7am-12am. The Division is compromised of specialists in  cardiac imaging, thoracic imaging and emergency department imaging, which makes it well-suited for all patients and The Division Faculty read cases both for Stony Brook University Hospital and John T. Mather Memorial Hospital.

Our technology includes:

  • 320 Detector-Row Toshiba CT Scanner

  • 1.5T Siemens Aera 

  • 1.0T Philips Panorama (Open Magnet for Cardiac MRI)


Advanced Cardiac Imaging Faculty: 

Lachlan Smith, MD Division Chief

Eric Feldmann, MD

Michael Reiter, DO

Samantha Glass, MD  

Jennifer Martino, MD  


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