Emergency Imaging


The Division of Emergency Imaging at Stony Brook University provides real-time 24/7 multimodality coverage to three hospitals: Stony Brook University Hospital, Stony Brook Southampton, and John T. Mather Memorial Hospital.

Our Division by the numbers:

  • Three Sites: Stony Brook University Hospital, John T. Mather Memorial Hospital and Stony Brook Southampton 
  • 175,000 ED patient visits per year
  • 180,000 ED imaging exams per year
  • 50,000 ED CT scans per year
  • 100,000 ED Radiographs per year
  • 6,000 ED MRI per year
  • 20,000 ED Ultrasounds per year
  • 3,000 Cardiac CT Angiograms per year
  • 24/7  Dedicated Nursing
  • 24/7  Dedicated Ultrasound Technicians
  • 24/7  Radiology Resident Coverage for CT, MRI, US and Radiographs at Stony Brook University.
  • 24/7  Radiology Attending Coverage for CT, MRI, US and Radiographs at all three sites.
  • 12 hours ( 8am-8pm) 7 days per week of Cardiac CT coverage by the Division of Advanced Cardiac Imaging: Eric Feldmann, M.D.