Our Efforts to Address Coronavirus

COVID Vaccine Hotline: (631) 638-1320

In response to the spread of the coronavirus, Stony Brook Medicine clinical specialists are well prepared for and actively treating patients with coronavirus, following CDC and New York State Department of Health guidelines, including recommended isolation and infection control procedures. Here’s an update of our efforts.

  • Stony Brook Medicine’s top priority is keeping patients, staff, visitors and the community safe.
  • Our medical staff is highly trained at screening for and managing infectious diseases to limit the spread of a virus.
  • There is currently enough personal protective equipment to meet the needs of every staff member coming into contact with a patient suspected of or confirmed with coronavirus.
  • All patients with known respiratory issues are immediately provided a surgical face mask upon initial encounter and escorted into a room or treatment bay promptly. The mask provides cover over the nose and mouth to contain infectious droplets and the patient is physically separated from others.
  • Our supply chain professionals are working diligently to secure additional supplies and substitutable items.
  • Our infection prevention specialists and nursing leaders are providing necessary training and updates.
  • Supplies of individual items of personal protective equipment can be expected to become strained as the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve.
  • In anticipation of strained resources, the Stony Brook University Hospital leadership team is reviewing and will implement evidence-based alternative practices to ensure that our front-line clinical staff is appropriately protected.
  • Stony Brook University Hospital is taking the following steps to conserve masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE):
    • Widespread implementation of telemedicine options whenever possible
    • Installing physical barriers (e.g., glass or plastic windows) at reception areas to limit contact between triage personnel and potentially infectious patients
    • Limiting the number of healthcare workers entering the rooms of patients with coronavirus to essential personnel only
    • Continuing to evaluate the evolving CDC and New York State Department of Health recommended PPE guidelines
    • Constantly re-educating and updating staff as to revised guidelines on proper PPE use and the sequence on how to safely put on and remove PPE