Recommended and Supported Mics

  • PowerMic II
  • PowerMic III
  • Philips

Key Features:

USB connectivity for easy plug and-play installation as well as eliminating the need for sound card-enabled PCs Unidirectional microphone with noise-cancellation ensures higher accuracy in even the noisiest environments

Technical specifications

  • USB: 1.1 or higher
  • Supported Environments: Citrix® Receiver v.4.9
  • Frequency Response Input/Output
    • Microphone 20 - 16,000 Hz
    • Speaker 500 - 5,000 Hz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: +70db


PowerMic III


If you are interested in acquiring a PowerMic please contact your Departmental Administrator for more information.


Some CPMP doctors may be able to use their ‘Indirect’ funds.  There may be non-sanctioned microphones that will work, particularly for use at home.  We recommend finding a USB microphone, with noise cancellation.