Taking Dragon Home?

  • End-users are able to use Dragon at home/off-site with the PowerMic  Acoustic download needed for Mic
  • PoweChart and Dragon launch together.  If you open the DMO SurgiNet icon, it will automatically launch SurgiNet for you
  • There are fewer specialty vocabulary sets to choose from but since this version is more intuitive, few medical terminologies are missed regardless of the specialty vocabulary chosen.  Recommended to select 'General Medicine' since all specialties  fall under it
  • Your profile will be automatically transferred form Network Editions to Dragon Medical One.  If your profile  does not get transferred call the helpdesk
  • If you are currently an active Dragon user and you do not have access to DMO, contact the Help Desk to open a ticket requesting a license to the new DMO.  You must have a license to attend a training session

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  • Make that a Command
  • Create an auto-text in PowerChart AND create a sparate Command in Dragon
  • Recommended to use Dictation Box to avoid corruption
  • To move from one underscore variable to another in an auto-text, had to use the F3 key on keyboard while dictating
  • To Sign Note, had to manually click 'Sign within the note


  • Make that an Auto-text
  • Able to pull over Auto-texts from PowerChart into Dragon
  • Can dictate directly into PowerNote
  • New universal verbal command is available. Speak 'next score' to move from one underscore to the next one instead of F3 key
  • New universal verbal command is available. Speak 'Sign Note' and Sign note page will display for manual entry.