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Events Calendar

We’ve improved the look and functionality of our Stony Brook Medicine online Calendar of Events.

Now we need your help populating it!

All events, whether for internal or external audiences, should be featured in this one calendar. It will be easily accessible on our intranet, ThePulse, as well as on our Stony Brook Medicine website.

Posting an event is easy to do; just complete the “Submit an Event” Form which is located on the bottom of the Events box on ThePulse home page. 

Type of Events to include:

  1. Community health education lectures, workshops, ongoing health education programs, or support group meetings that would be of interest to SBUH employees and/or a broad cross-section of the medical, academic and greater community.
  2. Special events such as fundraisers to support research or in-house programs; awareness and prevention events such as health fairs or expos that are likely to draw people from the surrounding community and region; or important initiatives showcasing new construction, technology, scientific advancements, etc.

This effort supports our Bee Better with Email campaign, to reduce the number of emails received. Rather than sending emails, featuring events in this calendar will be our way of promoting most events going forward. Check it regularly to learn what’s happening in 2022.

Let’s work together to promote the many events we are planning in this new calendar! Submit today.

If you have any questions, contact Marianne Bastian at (631) 444-9836 or Marianne.Bastian@stonybrookmedicine.edu.

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