Communications Toolkit: What is a Brand

What Is A Brand? 

A brand is not a logo, color scheme or tagline. A brand is the sum total of the customer’s experiences, and often begins before they even set foot in the doors. It’s far more than just a logo or a tagline. The meaning of the brand is defined by, and lives in the minds of, consumers. It is shaped by every interaction they have with an institution and its representatives.

The Stony Brook Medicine brand is built on the experience we offer across our campus, the community, classrooms, research facilities, websites, communications and events. How it is brought to life captures our vision, momentum and passion as a world-class academic medical center.

Maintaining a consistent and powerful brand identity takes great attention to detail; these guidelines are here to ensure that you have the right tools to present the Stony Brook brand in the most engaging and appropriate way possible at all times.

About Stony Brook Medicine 

As an academic medical center, we at Stony Brook are all about ideas. Creating them. Nurturing them. Protecting them. Challenging them. Improving them. Teaching them to others. And most importantly, delivering them to patients and their families – sooner, smarter and better.

Whether that’s in a new treatment protocol, best practices, a bright new researcher we’ve recruited from another institution, the convenience of an outpatient clinic, or simply a more user friendly way to access our medical care. Ideas drive us, they thrive here, and we are committed to bringing more of them to our patients than anyone else.

Our themeline for Stony Brook Medicine is “the best ideas in medicine.”

Remember: Stony Brook Medicine is not a place. You can’t go “to” Stony Brook Medicine. It’s not a building you can walk into. It’s our shared medical enterprise, encompassing teaching, patient care and research. When you need a geographic reference, be sure to use the name of the specific building: for example, the Hospital, the School of Dental Medicine, or the School of Nursing.

About Stony Brook Children’s Hospital

Stony Brook Children’s Hospital’s themeline is “The best ideas in medicine for kids.” It is an extension of the adult brand, because we share the same commitment to bring the best ideas in medicine to the children of Long Island. We consider Stony Brook Children’s to be our major sub-brand, as a second hospital devoted especially to children.

But just as children are not small adults, Stony Brook Children’s is not a pediatric version of the Stony Brook Medicine brand. Far from it. Like kids themselves, it has its own personality, voice and tone.

Brand Essence & Personality:

Stony Brook Medicine’s brand essence shares much in common with Stony Brook University: ambitious ideas (the best ideas in medicine), imaginative solutions (the hallmark of academic medical research), and exceptional leadership. Likewise, our brand personality shares many traits of SBU’s brand: drivencurioushands-on and welcoming

Brand Pillars:

Stony Brook Medicine is a vital component of one of the brand pillars of Stony Brook University, with its emphasis on Science Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM). We also support and reinforce the University’s brand pillars of diversity and momentum.

As an academic medical center, we help conduct and communicate activities of one of the institution’s major priorities: basic and translational research --- from bench to bedside to benefit our patients. 

Bringing the Brand to Life:

The Stony Brook brand should permeate every experience and publication we create. That’s why we offer detailed guidance on producing materials that reflect the brand in an appropriate and consistent way.