Communications Toolkit: About Us

Programs of Distinction:

As Stony Brook Medicine becomes a larger presence on Long Island, we’re working to strengthen our perception among healthcare consumers. One way of doing that is by highlighting key areas of expertise: our programs of distinction.

Stony Brook has four major programs of distinction, all of which have their own logos for brand identification: Stony Brook University Heart Institute, Stony Brook University Cancer Center, Stony Brook University Neurosciences Institute and Stony Brook University Trauma Center. These centers and institutes draw upon the brand attributes of the Stony Brook Medicine name, while conveying specific expertise in these important service lines.

Off-Site Locations:

How does the Stony Brook Medicine brand relate to other hospitals and our off-site locations?

Stony Brook Medicine is the “master brand” for our more than 90 off-site locations throughout Suffolk County. It is also the brand name for our growing network of physician practices who are joining the Stony Brook Medicine Network.

Hospital Affiliations:

Stony Brook plays a unique role as Suffolk County’s only academic medical center, and as the lead agency for Suffolk County in the federal government’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program. Soon, we’ll be bringing our name and our ideas to other hospitals on Long Island.

Southampton Hospital and Eastern Long Island Hospital are moving towards affiliation with Stony Brook Medicine. Other hospitals may also elect to join our growing system. These relationships offer added incentive for us to maintain a cooperative tenor when speaking of other healthcare providers.

The attributes and voice of the Stony Brook Medicine brand are just as important when we are communicating on behalf of an outlying location.