Support Staff

Photograph of Laura VandeMark-Lynch, Administrator
Laura VandeMark-Lynch, Administrator
Photograph of Lisa Ho, NP
Lisa Ho, NP
Photograph of Stephanie Vitolano, NP
Stephanie Vitolano, NP
Photograph of Deanna Klopfer, LPN / Care Coordinator
Deanna Klopfer, RN / Clinical Care Coordinator
Photograph of Colleen Rosko, MA
Colleen Rosko,
Photograph of Hava Mustafic, Officer Manager
Hava Mustafic, Officer Manager
Photograph of Barabara Tully, RN
Barabara Tully, RN
Photograph of Brianne Gregor, LPN
Brianne Gregor, LPN
Photograph of Bobbi Jo Rispoli, LPN
Bobbi Jo Rispoli, LPN
No photo
Carole Toffales, MA/Administrative Care Coordinator