Frequently Asked Questions

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How often do I need to see my Ob/Gyn?

For routine care – once a year, more often if there is a problem.


When should I have my first exam?

Before you plan on becoming sexually active or at the age of 21 if you are not sexually active.


What is included in an exam?

The exam generally focuses on a breast exam and pelvic exam. Frequently we use a speculum – an instrument that aids in examining the pelvic organs.


Is the exam painful?

Generally no, but because of the nature of the exam, it can be slightly uncomfortable especially if you are anxious.


How do I choose a physician?

You can discuss any concerns or preferences with our office staff and we can guide you.


Is my exam covered by insurance?

Generally, yes although some services may not be covered.


What is Gardasil®?

It is the vaccine for HPV (human papillomavirus). It is a series of three injections and is generally covered by most insurance companies.


What insurances do you accept?

Please refer to our complete list of participating providers on the insurance page. If you do not see your insurance, please call our office at (631) 587-2500 to verify participation.


How do I reach your surgical schedulers?

You can reach our surgical schedulers by calling (631) 587-2500 ext. 149.


If you have any additional questions, please call our office at (631) 587-2500.

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