1. Data Access Committee (DAC) approval is needed for any access to the Stony Brook Medicine Covid 19 Data Commons. This includes QA/QI projects as well as research efforts.
  2. The COVID-19 DAC meets weekly on Thursday afternoons, and any applications submitted from Thursday the week before till Wednesday at 5 pm will be reviewed the next day. Applicants will be notified the following Monday if their request will be granted.
  3. This application is a simple online REDCap form that will automatically notify the committee that there is an application to consider.  Only complete submissions will be considered
  4. Submitting teams are encouraged to review the data dictionary, used when developing the data commons for their submissions. Here is a link to the Data Dictionary of curated and readily available data elements to aid in this application.
  5. For research projects IRB approval is also needed.  This can be done in parallel as they are separate processes.

Once the necessary approvals are granted data can be released from the Stony Brook Covid 19 Data Commons by emailing fang.wang@stonybrookmedicine.edu and requesting a data transfer.