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We are often opening up new studies here at Stony Brook. Browse our study lists and see if a study interests you. You can then contact the Study Team directly.

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The Schleider Lab for Psychology – focus on youth and mental health

Schleider Lab Studies

SPARK: Simons Powering Autism Research

SPARK is an autism research study and a growing community of autistic individuals, their families, and researchers on a mission to advance the understanding of autism. To understand the complexity of autism ─ what makes us the same and what makes us different ─ we need large numbers of people to participate. SPARK is open to all individuals living in the U.S. with a professional diagnosis of autism and their family members.


Psychiatry-specific Studies

Psychiatry studies


Join a National or Global Registry!

Some registries may ask you to complete surveys about your condition, family history, or your environment in order to learn more about a disease. Some provide opportunities to get involved in clinical trials or other research.

List of Registries from the National institutes of Health

NORD's Rare Diseases Advocacy



Say Yes!

If you visit a Stony Brook medical provider, you may be asked if you are interested in hearing about our research activities. If you say Yes, we will be able to contact you if a study comes up that may interest you. Saying Yes to being contacted does not obligate you in any way to participate!

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