Vaccinating against disease is one thing we can do to prevent illness from contagious and sometimes deadly disease.  Vaccines have been found to be very safe and effective for the prevention of disease.  Healthcare providers are encouraged to vaccinate whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Patients are encouraged to have up to date vaccines prior to surgery and this should be discussed with your primary care physician.  Please review the following websites to educate yourself about vaccines that you are eligible for.


It's Flu Season - Please get your Flu Shot!

  • Hospital staff have already begun getting immunized, we recommend you do as well.
  • Flu Vaccines can be obtained from your PMD, Pediatrician and many local pharmacies.
  • The hospital screens all patients who are admitted for Flu and Pneumococcal Vaccine Eligibility.  If you meet criteria and there are no contraindications to being vaccinated, Flu and Pneumococcal vaccines will be provided to you.
  • Staff members who are medically unable to be vaccinated will be wearing masks to protect themselves and you during Flu Season.
  • If you think you have symptoms of the Flu and are entering the hospital or any patient care area, please request a mask and wear it during your stay. Visitors with Flu Symptoms should avoid coming to the hospital or entering any patient care areas.