General Wellness

Thank you for choosing Stony Brook Medicine for your surgical needs! 

Here at PreOperative Services our mission is to provide compassionate world class care.  We care about your overall health and well-being.  We also know that the best outcomes from surgery start with patients who are in their best state of health prior to surgery.  This section of our website is dedicated to helping you achieve your most optimized state of health.  Please click on the links to the left for information about a healthy lifestyle.  See below for quick tips to improve your health before surgery.


Quick Health Tips To Help Optimize Your Surgical Recovery


Increase the amount you exercise everyday!

Walk back and forth to places in your house twice

Walk around the yard

Park further away from the store

Whatever your exercise ability, try to increase it even a little bit


Eat a Healthy Diet!

Lean Meats, Fruits and Vegetables 

Decrease caffeine intake 

Limit your junk food 

Diabetics - Get those Blood Sugars under control


Stop Smoking

Avoid Alcohol

Stop Using Illegal Substances

Engage In Stress Reduction Activities

Get a Good Nights Sleep


Please see the detailed sections of our General Wellness section for more in depth information!

Wishing you a speedy recovery!