Cardiovascular Health and Pregnancy

pregnant woman meditating

The capacity of the body to create new life is still a medical fascination. We do know that the cardiovascular system plays a critical role in allowing a body to accommodate for the new life. It has the capacity to tolerate drastic changes in the blood fluid volume as well as increase the cardiovascular output to account for the changes needed during pregnancy. Unfortunately, some people suffer from both preexisting conditions and conditions that may develop during pregnancy that may complicate their pregnancy. These may need the special care of a cardiologist alongside their obstetrics team. At North Suffolk Cardiology two of our physicians specialize in pregnancy-related cardiovascular conditions, Dr. Christopher M. Cesa and Dr. Laura A. Wolfe. With vigilant care and compassion, they are a great addition to the obstetrics team. 

"Pregnancy is a fascinating time for both mother and baby. Often, we are more focused on the upcoming birth and baby and not on the overall health and wellness of the mother. Eating healthy, staying active and getting adequate rest during pregnancy is vital to a woman's overall health and essential for her future cardiovascular health," said Dr. Wolfe.

Heart issues during pregnancy can happen to anyone. However, some factors put others at higher risk.

These include:
If you are 40 years or older
If you are African American, American Indian or Alaska Native
If you have an existing heart issue
If you do not get enough physical activity
If you are overweight or have obesity
If you smoke or drink alcohol

If you are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant, you may need to see a cardiologist. A cardiologist will monitor your heart before, during and after your pregnancy and help assess your risk for heart disease and advise you on ways to decrease or control your risk factors. 

Do you have questions about your heart health during your pregnancy? To schedule an appointment, call (631) 941-2000