Language shouldn't be a barrier in your healthcare.

If you couldn't understand your healthcare provider, would you trust them?
Trusting a healthcare provider does not come naturally for some patients, especially if they don't speak the same language. Going to an appointment can create panic or fear for those who speak different languages. 

Language plays a huge role in communication and building trust with your provider. An essential part of establishing a relationship with patients is knowing and understanding their medical history; for most people, this is easier to do in their native tongue.  

Communication is key to quality healthcare.  
According to the Institute for Healthcare Communication (IHC), patients are more likely to follow through with recommendations, self-manage a chronic medical condition and adopt preventive health behaviors if they have open communication with their provider. Additionally, studies have shown that a provider's ability to communicate, listen and empathize impacts health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

At North Suffolk Cardiology, we want to make your visit as comfortable as possible, and speaking your language is part of that. Between our doctors and staff, we speak nine different languages. 

Languages spoken in our office:
American Sign Language

Healthcare can be complicated; communication shouldn't be.


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