North Suffolk Cardiology Cardiac Device Center

As the preeminent full-service cardiology practice on eastern Long Island, North Suffolk Cardiology is proud to offer a comprehensive Cardiac Device Center dedicated to the management and monitoring of cardiac devices. At North Suffolk Cardiology, we are uniquely able to provide you access to a staff of committed physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and technologists with decades of experience in cardiac device management.  

We offer both in-office and remote monitoring of implantable loop recorders, pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators (both intravascular and subcutaneous devices). In addition, we provide a full array of short-term arrhythmia detection devices, including holter and event monitors.

At the forefront of cardiac innovation, North Suffolk Cardiology is one of the first practices in Suffolk County to offer in-office insertion of implantable loop recorders for remote monitoring. We can monitor various conditions, including:
•    Atrial fibrillation
•    Unexplained syncope (passing out) 
•    Cryptogenic stroke 
•    Arrhythmias (that were not identified through traditional outpatient monitoring options)

Implantable loop recorders have a battery life of up to 3 years and take just minutes to insert under the skin (subcutaneously) in the comfort of our outpatient office.

Whether you have an existing device that needs monitoring or you are a candidate for a new device, we are here.

To schedule an appointment, call the North Suffolk Cardiology Cardiac Device Center at (631) 941-2000

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