Help for Alcohol and Substance Use Concerns

Being cut off from family and friends while we do our part to social distance, self-isolate and quarantine can take its toll in different ways. For some, the loneliness and stress can also trigger increased drug or alcohol use and feelings of anxiety or depression….putting you at high risk for a downward spiral. Finding support is important. Stony Brook Medicine has specialists and services that can help you or someone you love. We can also connect you to community- and national-based resources.

All you have to do is reach out. 


  • Stony Brook Psychiatric Associates
    Stony Brook University – Putnam Hall, Stony Brook
    631-632-9510 (Adults)
    631-632-8850 (Children and Adolescents)
  • Advanced Specialty Care
    500 Commack Road, Suite 105, Commack
    (631) 253-8346
  • Quannacut Addiction Intake/Rehab/Detox – Inpatient Services
    Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital
    201 Manor Place, Greenport
    (631) 477-8877
    A hospital-based detoxification and rehabilitation program that includes group and individual therapy, acupuncture, individualized treatment, self-help meetings, recreation/creative arts therapy, medical services, psychiatric services, discharge planning, addiction education, and smoking cessation.
  • Quannacut Outpatient Services
    905 East Main Street, Riverhead
    (631) 369-8966
    This recently expanded, state-of-the-art behavioral health facility is at the forefront of modern treatment for substance use disorders. Provides highly individualized programs for patients with diverse needs across a wide variety of treatment options.


  • New York State COVID-19 Emotional Support Hotline
    (844) 863-9314
    Staffed by mental health provider volunteers. Individuals who require mental health support can be directed to the hotline to schedule an appointment.
  • LICADD (LI Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence) 24/7 Substance Use Hotline
    (516) 747-2606 or (631) 979-1700  
    Credentialed LICADD clinicians struggling with substance use disorders (SUD) and their family members are available to provide live counsel 24/7. Secure video counseling sessions also available.
  • Family Service League DASH Program  
    (631) 952-3333 
    DASH (Diagnostic Assessment and Stabilization Hub) is a volunteer program, which is part of the Suffolk County Collaborative. It's available to Suffolk residents who struggle with mental health and substance use disorders. Services include assessments, counseling, and care management. Mobile services also available.