Policy, Criteria and Guidelines for Community Fundraisers and Promotions

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What constitutes Community Partner fundraising or promotions?
Community partner fundraising or promotions are events, point of sale programs or other activities that aim to benefit Stony Brook Medicine but are organized by a community member, company or organization outside of Stony Brook University.

How can a community partner obtain permission to fundraiser or promote on Stony Brook Medicine’s behalf?
It is absolutely essential that individuals, corporations or 501(c)(3) organizations obtain written permission from Stony Brook Medicine prior to planning or publicizing any Community partner event that will be promoted as benefiting Stony Brook Medicine.  To ensure the integrity of our affiliated activities, please note that the use of any Stony Brook University, University Hospital, Cancer Center, Children’s Hospital or other related logo without consent will be considered unauthorized.

What is the process for obtaining approval to host a community partner fundraising event or promotion?
Applicants should complete a Community Partner Fundraising and Promotions Application Form and submit for approval at least two months prior to the planned event date.

What are the conditions for Stony Brook Medicine’s approval of a community partner fundraiser or promotion?
Community partner events should be consistent with the mission, values and branding of Stony Brook Medicine.  To promote such consistency, we reserve the right to: 

  • Refuse involvement and/or refuse the use of our name for any event that does not meet our express approval.
  • Terminate support of any community partner event that does not abide by the policies, criteria and guidelines set out in this agreement, without any liability or obligation.
  • Decline an external fundraising proposal if the proposal competes with Stony Brook Medicine’s clinical, research or community outreach priorities.

What are the criteria for approval of a community partner fundraiser or promotion?
Stony Brook Medicine will approve a third party fundraising event and sign the agreement with third party providers based on compliance with the following:

  1. Consistency of the community partner event with Stony Brook Medicine mission, values and brand 
  2. Reasonable expectation that the third party event will generate net revenue
  3. Positive marketing/public relations exposure consistent with the Stony Brook Medicine brand


In order to accommodate the supporters engaged with the Stony Brook Medicine, and to comply with federal and state regulations, there are necessary limitations to the types of involvement and support Stony Brook can provide to community partner organizers.  Here are some examples of the types of support that Stony Brook Medicine cannot provide to community partner fundraisers or promotions:


  • Provide staff or volunteer support for your event or promotion
  • Provide the Stony Brook Medicine tax exemption number for making any purchases
  • Provide funding or reimbursement for any expenses incurred
  • Provide insurance or liability coverage
  • Provide mailing lists and/or email lists of donors, physicians, staff or vendors
  • Permit the use of any Stony Brook logo(s) on your event or promotion materials
  • Create marketing materials to promote fundraising events or promotions
  • Provide Stony Brook Medicine stationery or Stony Brook Medicine giveaway items
  • Guarantee attendance of patients, physicians or staff at the event or promotion
  • Solicit for sponsorships, cash donations or in-kind donations
  • Sign vendor contracts