Treatments We Offer

Our Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD) Program is for individuals currently under psychiatric care for a complicated and difficult-to-treat depression. It begins with a TRD comprehensive psychiatric consultation/evaluation during one to two visits, and includes a review of your previous mental-health treatments.

Once you've completed your TRD comprehensive consultation/evaluation with our Stony Brook TRD team, you'll receive detailed treatment recommendations that can be shared with your referring psychiatrist.

These treatment recommendation options may include:

To help bring the latest treatment options to our patients, in addition to our core clinical care, our Treatment Resistant Depression Program participates in clinical trials and we may invite you to participate in research efforts to improve the diagnosis and treatment of depression.

We will always obtain your consent before asking you to participate in any of these research activities and your clinical care at the time of the visit will in no way be affected by your decision to participate in research.

To schedule a consultation or make an appointment at our Stony Brook Treatment Resistant Depression Program, call (631) 632-2428.