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Our Support Staff


Our practice administrator oversees all operations within North Suffolk Cardiology to ensure that everything is running smoothly on a daily basis — this includes assisting our patients to ensure that your experience with North Suffolk Cardiology is a pleasant one.

Photograph of Kathleen A. Van Buren

Kathleen A. Van Buren, FACMPE
Practice Administrator

Kathleen (Katie) Van Buren joined North Suffolk Cardiology in 1990. She provides hands-on management of the daily operations of all of our locations while also overseeing the practice's strategic development and long-term goals. As a Fellow with the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE), one of Katie's priorities as our practice administrator is to use her extensive training, education and experience to continually deliver efficient and effective service to all our patients. It was Katie, who in 2008, successfully transitioned our office from paper charts to a fully integrated electronic medical record system (EMR), which enables all the medical professionals treating our patients to have the same patient information at their fingertips, resulting in a higher quality of care.


Our nurse practitioners are board-certified and licensed to practice medicine. They assist our physicians in diagnosing and treating patients, ordering and reviewing diagnostic tests, and writing prescriptions.

Photograph of Beverly Elliott, BSN, MS, ANP-C

Beverly Elliott, BSN, MS, ANP-C

Beverly Elliott has been with North Suffolk Cardiology since 2004. She received her BSN degree from the University of Miami and her MSN degree from Molloy College, and is board certified in AANP and ANCC. Ms. Elliott has outstanding experience and expertise in electrophysiology and device arrhythmia management. Beverly is a certified cardiac device specialist (CCDS) and manages North Suffolk Cardiology's device clinic; helping hundreds of our patients to live with and maintain normal function of their pacemakers and defibrillators.

Photograph of D Schwartz

Deborah Schwartz,  BSN, MS, ANP-C, CEPS

Deborah Schwartz received her Bachelors of Nursing at SUNY Brockport and her Masters of Science at Stony Brook University. She is board certified (AANP) and has practiced as a nurse practitioner since 2004 developing a unique set of skills. She brings a significant amount of experience in a diversity of areas including cardiac electrophysiology, clinical cardiology and cardiology research. She was recently recruited from the Division of Cardiology at Stony Brook University Medical Center and is a certified electrophysiology specialist (CEPS) with extensive experience in antiarrhythmic medications, cardiac arrhythmia management, peri procedural management of cardiac invasive procedures and clinical cardiology.


Photograph of Elisa Stickelman,  CANPC

Elisa Stickelman,  BSN, MS, ANP-C

Elisa Stickelman is board certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners as a Nurse Practitioner in Adult Health since 2003. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Adelphi University and her Masters of Science in Nursing at New York State University at Stony Brook.  Her area of interest is in general clinical cardiology and nuclear stress testing.  She has been with North Suffolk Cardiology since 2005.