New Intensive Cardiac Rehab Program

by Jennifer Cain, RN, ICR Program Administrator

We are excited to announce the opening of our Intensive Cardiac Rehab (ICR) program in partnership with Pritikin, a comprehensive cardiac rehab solution. This program, located in East Setauket, is the first of its kind on Long Island.  

ICR is a comprehensive three-pronged program that allows patients to build a healthy living plan by focusing on body, mind, and nutrition. This total body approach has been proven to help cardiac patients control and improve symptoms caused by heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.

ICR Team Photo - Dr. Patel"There is ample evidence that regular exercise, balanced nutrition and mental well-being are strong predictors of reduced cardiac events in patients with known cardiovascular disease," said Neal Patel, MD, ICR Program Medical Director. "North Suffolk Cardiology is proud to be the first practice on Long Island to offer a comprehensive approach to our patients. By doing so, we aspire to guide our patients towards long-term lifestyle modification that will allow for prolonged cardiac wellness."

Our ICR program will enable us to offer patients all the components of their recovery. This process focuses on managing the stress that our patients’ bodies and minds have undergone, through structured exercise and modified nutrition.

Our ICR program offers:
•    A state-of-the-art gym that allows telemetry monitoring during exercise
•    An expansive education space for group cooking sessions with live demonstrations
•    Dedicated offices for private nutrition and mental health consultations

To schedule an appointment with North Suffolk Cardiology, call (631) 941-2000.