About Us

The multidisciplinary collaborative approach we use allows us to offer our patients the most comprehensive clinical expertise for repair of everything from simple hernias to the most complex abdominal wall reconstructions.

Our board-certified physicians are leaders in the treatment of hernias. And as medical studies prove, when it comes to fixing hernias, experience makes a big difference.

At the Stony Brook Comprehensive Hernia Center, we have years of experience performing every hernia repair approach. We treat these types of hernias: inguinal, ventral, umbilical, incisional, femoral, obturator, and Spigelian.

We encourage people to come in before a hernia becomes an emergency.

We encourage people to come in before a hernia becomes an emergency. If you think you might have a hernia, make an appointment with us, and we’ll be glad to talk with you about your questions and concerns.

With a wide range of training and perspectives, we offer patients proven treatment options including traditional “open” surgery, repairs using a mesh patch or suturing together the patient’s own tissues (mesh-free), minimally-invasive procedures, and robot-assisted techniques.

No matter which approach we use, our goal is always the same: with the latest research, techniques, and technology, we help people get back to living their lives as soon as possible.

The Stony Brook Comprehensive Hernia Center is a regional referral site for more complicated hernia surgeries.

Our surgeons are leaders in the fields of hernia repair and minimally-invasive surgery, having presented their research widely on the national stage. Our surgeons are not only skilled at the newest repair techniques, but are also pushing the field forward through academic research.