Who We Are and What We Do.

The Center for Abdominal Core Health at Stony Brook Medicine provides a team approach to maintaining your abdominal core health.  The multidisciplinary collaborative approach we use allows us to offer our patients the most comprehensive clinical expertise for repair of everything from simple hernias to the most complex abdominal wall reconstructions.  We treat a variety of problems of the abdominal core such as hernias, diastasis of the abdominal wall, growths and tumors of the abdominal core, diaphragm pathology, pelvic floor pathology, and chronic pain. 

Our goal is to create a multi-disciplinary approach to taking care of you.  Our team will evaluate your abdominal core problem and provide a tailored solution. Our team members include specialists across many specialties, such as general and gastrointestinal surgery, plastic surgery, trauma surgery, colorectal surgery, surgical oncology, anesthesia, and physical therapy and rehabilitation and integrative medicine.