Procedures Performed At Our Office

  • imageAllergy skin testing for environmental allergens, food, animals, local anesthetics and bee venom.
         - Patch testing to evaluate skin hypersensitivity to chemicals, makeup, occupational allergens, soaps, perfume, hair products
  • Pulmonary function testing to evaluate cough, shortness of breath and asthma with
         1. Spirometry pulmonary function testing
         2. NIOX- exhaled nitric acid- the state of the art evaluation of pulmonary inflammation
  • Individualized medication regimen planning
  • Patient education regarding
         1. Proper use of inhalers and spacers
         2. Dust mite and other allergen avoidance measures
         3. Food allergen avoidance
         4. Proper use of the Epipen and Auviq
         5. Use of peak flow meter monitoring
         6. Proper technique of sinus irrigation
  • Desensitization injections for
         1. Environmental allergies, including dust mites, grass pollen, weed pollen, tree pollen, mold spores, animal dander
         2. Bee sting venom allergies.