A Message from Stony Brook Medicine Community Medical Group


Welcome to Stony Brook Medicine Community Medical Group (SBMCMG). We represent a rapidly growing network of carefully selected, highly-skilled, community-based physicians that work with experts at Stony Brook Medicine and smaller local hospitals in Suffolk County and beyond.

By working together, we help our physician groups continue to do what they do best, while also helping them communicate medical information more effectively and consistently.

Using evidence-based medicine, best clinical practices and protocols, centralized resources, and investing in the latest technology and tools, our physicians are continuously making strides in how quality medical care is delivered.

In the rapidly changing world of healthcare, we help our physician groups ensure that the level of personal attention and quality care their patients have come to expect and deserve, will continue to serve them well in times of sickness and health.

We invite you to browse through our site to learn more about our network of physicians and the many highly sought-after resources that are available to Stony Brook Medicine Community Medical Group member practices.


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