Our History: Over Thirty Years of Service

In 1974, the National SIDS Act was enacted to provide services to families affected by the death of a child due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). When established in 1976, SIDS Centers in New York State worked to understand the causes of sudden infant deaths, notify parents about the findings, provide family grief services and educate professionals about the causes of infant deaths and interventions to help bereaved parents. These services are authorized by New York Public Health Law §2500-b. 

In 1997, New York State Center for Sudden Infant Death continued this work and coordinated a statewide program aimed at reducing the risk of SIDS and other causes of sudden infant death. 

In 2010, the New York State Department of Health established the Keeping New York Kids Alive program. Under our new program name, the SICD Resource Center has broadened efforts to develop a common understanding of the spectrum of factors that lead to potentially preventable child deaths and developed community based prevention initiatives.

We work with maternal and child health professionals, child care providers, social services and child protective case workers, law enforcement, Coroners and Medical Examiners along with many other agencies to coordinate efforts for education and public awareness about infant and child safety practices. Our aim has been to keep babies and young children in New York State healthy and safe.