About Us

We are a community-based family medicine practice addressing health care in Mattituck and the surrounding communities. Our goal at Mattituck Family Medicine is for you to feel confident about the quality and coordination of the medical care you receive. We are continuously investing in new practices, technologies and procedures to help enhance our ability to provide more effective and consistent communication about information regarding your health.  

Our Physician

Kimberly Hsu, MDKimberly Hsu, MD

Dr. Hsu is a board-certified, highly dedicated and compassionate physician specializing in family medicine. With a deep-rooted passion for providing exceptional healthcare, she is committed to delivering personalized and comprehensive medical care to each patient. Dr. Hsu obtained her medical degree at the American University of Antigua. She completed her residency training at Western Reserve Health Education in Youngstown, OH, where she also served as the chief resident.

Dr. Hsu firmly believes in a patient-centered approach, placing the well-being of each individual at the forefront of her practice. She recognizes the importance of actively listening to her patient's concerns, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their unique needs. By fostering open communication and promoting collaboration, Dr. Hsu develops personalized treatment plans tailored to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Passionate about promoting preventive care, Dr. Hsu advocates for proactive measures to maintain overall health and well-being. She firmly believes in educating individuals on leading a healthy lifestyle and empowers her patients to participate in their own healthcare journeys. Dr. Hsu's dedication to preventive care extends to her practice interests, which include women's health (gynecologic care), pediatrics (ages 10+) and mental health.


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