Drink Up During the Summer: The Importance of Hydration

Summer is here and the weather is bound to get hotter. It is so important to stay hydrated for your health, to avoid any complications due to overheating as well as for your fertility. Water makes up 70 percent of the body and affects all functions in the body. 

woman drinking a glass of water

Why it’s important to drink water to conceive. 

Studies have shown that it’s very difficult for sperm to travel through thick cervical mucus. Women are fortunate enough to be able to have some control over this. The more water that a woman drinks, the thinner the mucus will be whereas if she’s dehydrated, it’s going to be thicker. The production of semen, the substance that delivers the sperm, also requires proper hydration.

In addition, water helps your hormones stay balanced. When you’re dehydrated, your liver has trouble detoxifying your body properly and the hormones and nutrients that your body could be using may be eliminated. Toxins might not be filtered out efficiently, causing stress on your body. Staying hydrated also helps your cardiovascular system deliver hormones to the appropriate organs in your body.

When your body isn’t properly hydrated, stress hormones may also be produced which can stress your reproductive system.

Not a big water drinker?  

It’s OK if drinking water is just not your ‘thing’ yet. If you make it a routine of filling up a large water bottle each morning, setting an alarm reminder to drink throughout the day, and doing it, you can help to build new habits. There are even bottles that will remind you to take a drink.

Want to add some flavor to your water?

Adding some natural flavoring to your water is ok in moderation. You don’t have to turn to artificial enhancers to make it taste good. Try squeezing some lemon into your water for a little zing, tossing some yummy antioxidant-rich berries into your water and enjoying the fruit after you’ve finished your water or grating some anti-inflammatory ginger root for a little extra spice in your life. You’ll get the benefits of hydration as you give your water a little fertility-friendly boost. 

How much water should I drink?

Women need an average of 2.75 liters a day and men need 3 liters a day for all of their bodily functions to be carried out efficiently. Remember, especially to stay close to these guidelines on hot summer days.

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