About Us

Heart Associates of Long Island (HALI) was founded in 2006 by John M. Reitano, MD, FACC, FCCC, FCCP, John P. Dervan, MD, FACC, FSCAI, and Mitchell A. Saunders, MD, FACC. Daniel R. Montellese, MD, FACC joined the practice in 2009. Grace Chung, MD, FACC joined the practice in 2014.

Our physicians each have several years of experience, many of those years spent heading up larger cardiology practices. During that time, Drs. Reitano, Dervan and Saunders, who knew one another professionally, found that they shared the same dream of one day having a smaller cardiology practice — one where each patient would be treated in an unhurried manner. Today, each of our 25 employees knows that the most important part of their job is to ensure that you are pleased with and have confidence in the care and treatment you receive at HALI.

For your convenience, and depending on your cardiac needs, our board-certified physicians provide diagnostic testing in our office in East Setauket as well as in a hospital setting. We are affiliated with the following hospitals on Long Island: