About Stony Brook Medicine


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    Stony Brook Medicine expresses our shared mission of research, clinical care and education – a mission embraced by our faculty, staff, researchers, and students. It is the embodiment of everything we do on behalf of the health of patients – not only here in our community, but also in the region and worldwide.

    Stony Brook Medicine comprises

    Our health sciences schools work in tandem with our research and clinical care teams to deliver the best ideas in medicine to patients. As an academic medical center, we are all about ideas. Creating them. Nurturing them. Protecting them. Challenging them. Improving them. Teaching them to others. And most importantly of all, delivering them to patients and their families – sooner, smarter and better.

    An “idea” can be a new treatment protocol, best practices, a bright new researcher we’ve brought in from another institution, the convenience of an outpatient clinic, or simply a more user-friendly way to access our medical care. Ideas drive us, they thrive here, and we are committed to bringing more of them to our patients than anyone else.