Dr. Obeid’s research is classified as basic and translational. She studies how cells proliferate and become cancerous, or lose their power to divide and grow. She and her team are working on understanding the mechanisms that control these processes.

Dr. Obeid concentrates her studies on lipid molecules that have biological activity that controls cell growth and cell aging. “I love the science. It’s something new every day,” she says. “You’re always forging ahead and breaking new ground.”

Dr. Obeid says she also loves mentoring and working with her students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty, calling them “super smart.”  “I learn a lot from them.” One piece of advice she gives her students is to pick something that they love and are passionate about, and then they can break all the barriers.

“I also appreciate my patients,” she says. Patients at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Northport are “a very hardy, amazing group of 90-year-olds who have seen everything and done everything,” Dr. Obeid says. “They’re very kind and polite and grateful for everything I do.”

As Dean of Research at Stony Brook University School of Medicine, Dr. Obeid advocates for the research mission and for research growth and funding for the School of Medicine. In addition, she oversees all research activities, infrastructure, and faculty research needs. She finds all of these responsibilities very rewarding.

“These activities provide an opportunity for me to use my research and clinical background, organizational expertise and people skills to come up with creative and viable solutions to effect positive change in a broader sense for the research community,” she says. “This is a very challenging time in research funding. A high priority for me is to help researchers get funding through administrating research pilot programs, bridge funding, and making available state-of-the-art core facilities to facilitate their ability to carry on their most exciting and innovative research.”