Latha Chandran, MD, MPH


Dr. Chandran implemented and helped create the School of Medicine’s LEARN curriculum, which is in its fourth year.  

“Because what they learn today is going to be obsolete in probably 10 years,” she says, the new curriculum focuses on lifelong learning skills for medical students, in particular being able to take new information and apply it correctly in patient care settings.

“And I have put in place many educational quality assurance processes, where we collect data from our students,” Dr. Chandran says. “So we have a systematic way of looking at the quality of what we do.”

Another innovation implemented by Dr. Chandran and her colleagues in the School  of Medicine is the school’s three-year MD program. The accelerated program gets physicians into the community earlier, where they can begin caring for patients. Graduating earlier reduces the financial impact of medical education on students as well.

“We just started that this year, and we have more applications than we can take,” Dr. Chandran says.