The Myth of a Solo Practice

Many patients believe that if they are seeing a doctor in a small or solo practice, that they will have "more personal care". Good health care however, is not a personal issue. It is a medical issue.

Having a heathy baby requires nine months of care and then a long labor course with a physician attendant overseeing the labor and delivery.

The reality of solo practice is that the obstetrician cannot be there for the long hours of labor and delivery. Frequently he or she has coverage arrangements with other small, or solo, practitioners. Therefore, the likelihood of a solo or small doctor practice delivering their own patients is small.

The cesarian section rate for small and solo groups is higher because the physicians cannot afford to spend hours with one laboring patient and then see patients in their office. There is reliance on residents and nurses to oversee labor.

At South Bay, we have doctor dedicated time to care for patients in labor. Over the nine months of your pregnancy, there is ample time to get to know all of the obstetricians if you choose to do so. There is also great comfort in knowing that your obstetrician will be there when you are in labor, and that you will be given every opportunity to have the birth plan that you desire. Our doctors are not pressured to perform a cesarian section so they can get back to other patirnts in the office.

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