Prepping for Labor-What You Need To Know

On the scale of major life events, giving birth certainly earns a spot at the top.  With advice on how to prepare for labor coming at you from all sides, take a deep breath and peruse some solid concepts to help make the experience positive and easy. 

Make moving your body a priority.

The biggest gift you give yourself is daily exercise unless otherwise instructed by your Ob/Gyn. Regular, moderate movement helps quell anxiety, maintain a healthy weight and will help you sleep better. You don’t necessarily need a gym membership. A simple thirty-minute walk each day can help reduce the risk of complications like preeclampsia, low birth weight, gestational diabetes, hypoglycemia and congenital abnormalities. 

Looking to incorporate additional exercise? Give prenatal yoga a try. It will help with breathing, relaxation and flexibility and a direct impact on your labor. To get more information on prenatal yoga, ask us at your next appointment.

Trade-in heels for flats

Wedges, pumps and stilettos may be adorable but they set your body out of alignment.  Your joints and muscles work well when aligned and the same is true for labor. Minimalist shoes or flats with proper support will help your body during pregnancy.

Create a fluid birth plan

Recognize that while you can plan your preferences, things can change. Babies aren’t predictable and neither is labor. 
Decide on things like the type of support you’d like during labor. Are you more of a verbal coaching person or would you prefer a massage?  Who would you like in the room with you during labor? Are you open an epidural and at what pain level?  Who will cut the umbilical cord?  

By making these choices now and making your wishes known, you’ll cut down on stress later.

Be mindful

Being centered is a gift you can give to yourself, starting now.  Meditation before labor and when the baby has arrived will help combat symptoms of both prenatal anxiety and postpartum depression. If you start the habit now, using apps like Calm, Insight Timer or Headspace, you’ll solidify the habit before the big day. 

Google in moderation

Having a world of knowledge at your fingertips can cause more anxiety than peace when it comes to labor. We recommend directing all your questions to your Ob/Gyn who is familiar with your specific case. Use your online time to search for postpartum parenting tips, or decorative ideas for the nursery instead. Consuming information that helps you look forward is a good way to relieve any anxieties about labor.
If you live near West Islip, NY and are expecting, call us at 631-587-2500 to schedule your appointment today. We look forward to taking this journey with you!

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