How to Navigate the Holidays While Pregnant

Navigating holiday festivities can be tough for anyone, but if you are pregnant there are few more things you need to remember during the holiday season. With some adjustments, you can be celebrating along with your friends and family!

Since consuming alcohol isn’t currently on your agenda, you might be wondering how much water you can drink this holiday season, which brings us to our first point. Stay hydrated! Your body uses a lot of energy to keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat, so be sure that you always drink water (for two).

Feeling a little left out of the spiked eggnog fun? Enjoy non-alcoholic eggnog or other mocktails like an Ombre Grapefruit Mocktail or Virgin Moscow Mule.

If you’re hosting a holiday gathering at home, making a pitcher of Mock Sangria can be a delicious way to celebrate with friends, sans alcohol.  Combine a cup of orange juice, a cup of apple juice, a cup of pomegranate or cranberry juice, 2 cups of sparkling water, 2 cups of chopped fruit like berries, peaches, and oranges and a few slivers of ginger over ice and stir.  Cheers!

Another downer can be staying away from foods at parties that aren’t recommended during pregnancy like raw sushi, salmon or unpasteurized cheeses. If your OB/GYN has you on a special diet, it can be especially difficult to navigate holiday delicacies. We recommend coming prepared with your food. Just remember, next holiday season, you’ll be back to eating some of your holiday favorites.  

Holiday shopping is not necessarily an enticing thought. Long lines, hot stores, circling for a parking spot, wandering around a store looking for one elusive item, while dealing with crowds is enough to make anyone dread the holidays. Add morning sickness, swollen feet or an aching back and it can seem like torture. That’s the wonder of cyber shopping. Make a cup of tea, don your comfiest sweats and put your feet up, all while you surf to your heart’s content.  

This is no time to play the holiday martyr. Give yourself the gift of peace by being selective. If you’d like to go to a party, pamper yourself with a manicure or blow out, get dressed up and have a blast! If you feel like you need some downtime to recharge, grab some hot cocoa, a book, and feel free to send your respectful regrets.  Next holiday season will be spent looking through the eyes of a little one, so enjoy this magical time and be present for every moment of it!

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