Prostate Cancer Options Clinic

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The Prostate Cancer Options Clinic at the Stony Brook University Hospital Cancer Center has been created to encompass patients with:

  • Newly detected elevated PSA 
  • Elevated PSA and negative biopsies
  • Positive biopsies who need further risk stratification (usually via molecular analysis) regarding how aggressive the cancer is and what treatment options are possible. - See Active Surveillance Program below
  • Failed primary therapies (surgery or radiation) and regional disease
  • Early or late metastatic disease
  • Patient's with known genetic abnormalities

Active Surveillance Program:
Stony Brook offers the ability to distinguish small, low-risk cancers from those likely to metastasize. Using genomic tests, which evaluate the biology of a tumor, information is obtained that can change treatment plans radically. These prostate cancer genomic test include Prolaris and Decipher which have become available in recent years.

Stony Brook's Urological Oncology team is able to serve the community with such problems due to new technological advancements assisting in diagnosis and treatment. The Prostate Cancer Options Clinic utilizes the UroNav System to perform targeted prostate biopsies, utilizing fused images from MRI and real time ultrasound.  

To schedule an appointment at the Prostate Cancer Options Clinic please call (631) 638-1000

Meet the Physicians of the Prostate Cancer Options Clinic:

Massimiliano Spaliviero
Massimiliano Spaliviero, MD
David Golombos
David Golombos, MD


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