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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Organ Transplant

How will I get added to Stony Brook's waiting list?

Your nephrologist determines that you are a possible candidate for a kidney transplant.  He/she will make a referral to our transplant center.  A Transplant Coordinator from Stony Brook will make an appointment for you to attend our special half day workshop to meet the entire transplant team.  Your past and present medical condition will be reviewed.  If the team believes you are a good candidate, your name will be added to the waiting list for a potential kidney transplant.

Are there special qualifications I must meet to be placed on the list?

Yes!  When you come for your interview, you will be told what tests must be completed and we will help you schedule appointments.  When the results are completely returned to the transplant coordinator, you will be notified of your status.

How do I get matched to a deceased donor?

After it has been determined that you are a candidate for a possible kidney transplant, your medical profile will be entered into the United Network for Organ Sharing's (UNOS) database.  This is the national waiting list you may have heard about.  This means you can get a kidney from anywhere in the United States.  When a deceased donor is available, all names on the list will be compared to the donor to determine who will be a match for that particular donor.  Matches are based on a wide variety of criteria, including medical urgency, time on the list, biologic compatibility (size, blood group, antigen).  Donated organs are then distributed locally first.  If no recipient is located in the local area, the organ is offered regionally, then nationally.

Can I be listed at more than one center?

Yes!  Multiple listing (being on more than one list at a time) is permitted.  However, you may only be listed at one transplant center in the entire state of New York.

How long am I going to wait to get my new kidney?

It is impossible to tell someone how long he or she will wait for a kidney transplant.  In our region, the waiting time is approximately 3-5 years.  In some regions it is less and in some it is more.  Remember, this is the average waiting time, yours may be shorter or longer.

Can I get information about the United Network for Organ Sharing?

The toll free telephone number for UNOS is (888) TX INFO-1 or visit the web site UNOS

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